The Latest Sonic Menu Information

Sonic MenuIf you love great food on the go, and I really mean GO!, then you must check out the amazing Sonic menu. Forget about all the other places who claim they have the best burgers and fries, this place is for real. If you have ever wondered what it was like to live in the 1950’s and have people deliver food to your car window at a drive-in, wonder no more. This is your place.

The Sonic Menu Will Surprise You

The Sonic menu has all the things you are craving for such as onion rings made from scratch, and American staples such as burgers, chili and cheese hot dogs, and good old fashion French fries and shakes. Don’t let Sonic Drive-In scare you away if you are watching your weight. They no have healthy alternatives like the Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Salad.  There really are no good excuses to not go there.

Depending where you are in the country, they also serve regional items on their menu such as Ched ‘R’ Peppers which are kind of like jalapeno poppers, but better and Tater Tots. This makes the food you get there more localized.

If you have never checked out the Sonic menu then you need to do so as soon as you can. If you have, but have not been there in a while then you need to check Sonic out again. They are offering more selections than what you will probably remember. Today we hear the words “American Classic” being attached to many things and places, many undeserving of such a title. In this case, this is the proper title for Sonic.  Don’t forget to search for Sonic coupons.  Believe it or not, online coupons for Sonic will save you some real money.  Also, take advantage of the customer friendly Sonic hours of operation.

The Sonic Menu: That’s What I’m Talking About!

Sonic MenuIf you have ever visited the Sonic drive through, you know that chicken, burgers, and hot dogs, are just a few items on the menu. In fact, the Sonic menu may be more well-known for its drinks and desserts, and for good reason. It takes me seconds to decide which items from the Frozen Zone menu I want to enjoy but I spend many minutes savoring them.

Sonic Blasts are a combination of candy and ice cream that are nothing short of delicious. Choose from regular or Double Stuf Oreos, M&Ms, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, or Butterfinger candies. I have tried them all and my favorites are the Butterfinger and the Reese’s. My friends and I have gotten into some heated arguments regarding the best Blasts, but I am sticking to my guns. We love the fact that they are on the Sonic menu.

The New Sonic Menu

Shakes made at Sonic feature real ice cream, so they have that excellent traditional flavor. Though chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are available, diners can also select from more exotic flavors like pineapple, banana, and caramel. The newest addition to the shake menu is the pumpkin pie shake, designed as a seasonal favorite. It features ice cream, pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg, blended with pieces of pie crust…yum.

When I cannot decide whether I want a soda or ice cream, I choose a float, which gives me both. This treat reminds me of my childhood and is nothing short of satisfying. A unique beverage dessert on the menu is the CreamSlush, which is kind of like an icy shake. Flavors include grape, orange, blue coconut, lemon, lime, and watermelon. This is the perfect refresher on a hot summer day and I plan to work my way through these selections.

Sundaes, banana splits, and soft serve cones are some other desserts included on the Frozen Zone menu. If you like your coffee cold, try one of the Java Chillers. The caramel flavor is my favorite and includes a shot of premium roast espresso, caramel, vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and more ooey, gooey caramel.

Were it not for the Frozen Zone section of the Sonic menu, I would not have a place to get all my favorite ice cream desserts. It is sometimes difficult to decide whether I want a Blast, shake, float, CreamSlush, or other dessert, let alone which flavor I am craving. Thank goodness Sonic serves these treats all day, providing me with ample opportunities to try them all. Find Sonic coupons on the Internet for added savings. A Sonic coupon goes a long way!